Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Event List

Community Connect is planning to create events in the Towson area, in which some of them include learning about social issues.

Here's the Plan

Kick Off Event:
Planting Trees for Community Growth with Towson University Campus Greens
-help replenish the air of its precious oxygen while having fun with your neighbors. Help support the TU Campus Greens and learn more about their views.

Movie Night
11th Hour and An Inconvenient Truth Movie Night
-learn about environmental issues over a bowl of popcorn hosted at an abode of a Towson area host

President Who?
Becoming more politically aware with the parties on TU Campus
-visit tables set us by the TU College Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, and Greens. Information gather about the different parties and who's in the running in the next elections.

All Events TBA

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